Re-authoring Liteon DVD recordings

I don’t like the one size fits all menu that liteon produces so this is how I create my own customized menu from my 5045 GDL+ recorder:-

  1. Record to HDD (optional).
  2. Copy to a R/W DVD.
  3. Combine the DVD VOB files using the windows command line
    copy /b xxx1.vob+xxx2.vob+xxxn.vob output.vob
  4. Load output.vob directly into TMPGEncDVD Author (v. or
    higher) by selecting using the “open all files” option and
    use “Chapter cut edit” to edit sections / add chapters.
  5. Create new menu, thumbnail images etc. and save new image.

It works a treat!

What is the purpose of the Windows copy command if you are already using TMPG DVD? One of the great features of that program is to combine separate VOB’s for seamless playthrough.

Also, I use NeroVision as that can edit DVD+VR discs on the fly to replace the menu etc. so des not need ay extra HDD space.

OK - that makes sense - I’ll try it - thanks!