Re - authoring DVDs

I am new at forums, so if i haven’t explained it or something else is wrong my bad!
Anyways i have a lot of footy matches and many other stuff on a heap of dvds using my highlander DVD recorder. My problem is; i use DVD decrypter it does the job ripping, then use DVD shrink to re author my DVD. when it does so it reads the EG; 2 origin matches in 3 or 4 different parts. This also happens with all my other dvds. Other then that its the best DVD recorder I’ve had but i want to put my own menus and so on, which i have an application for. I just need an application that allows me to have the 2 matches into to single files onto my computer so i can make it the way i want it! and cut out the ads and etc.

There are few software you can use to do what you want.

TMPGEnc DVD Author seam to be very popular.