Re-authoring a disc with separate video/audio tracks?

Hi, I’m not sure if this should go on this section, but for what’s worth:

I’d like to re-author a movie using the video track from a disc together with the audio track from a different one. They’re both PAL, but there might still be a need to re-synch the tracks to each other due to different logos and credits which are embedded in the first VOBs.

I’m not going to ask you for a full tutorial, but if you could just point me in the right direction about what software should I use and what’s the procedure in general terms, I’d be very, very thankful :slight_smile:

Also, do you think this is something viable to do without too much hassle or would it imply a gigantic number of problems, work and time ?

Thanks a lot!

Demux the original VOB files with Vobedit. The use DVDLab/Tmpgenc DVD Author/Maestro/etc to reauthor the movie using the demuxed video stream and your new audio stream. The AVI/Divx to DVDR Tutorial explains how to author with TMPGEnc DVD Author.

Getting the software as I type this to try it out. Thanks, much appreciated :iagree:

So far so good. I got a “too high combined bitrate” which I simply ignored for the time being, I’ll look into it later if the finished disc gives me any problems.

My only remaining question is the synch part. What I basically need to do is to relocate the entire audio track forward by about 13 seconds (to skip on the additional logo the current video track has, which is inserted in the first chapter unlike some discs where it’s an independent one).

Any tips on the software and basic procedure to follow ? Thanks again :slight_smile:

If the audio track is AC3 (if its not then I would suggest you convert it to AC3 ), then get hold of “AC3 Delay Corrector” from download section. To move the “audio track forward by about 13 seconds” then enter 13,000 as the milli sec in the Start Delay box, hit go and in a few seconds you will have a new audio file. Putting a “-” sign in front will advance the audio, a + sign (or none) will retard/delay it. Use that in TMPGenc DVD Author. If sync is still out (you never get it right the first time :frowning: ), simply redo changing the start delay accordingly.

A-ha! Thanks once again Chicken, you’re the Man ( :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I had actually tried AC3 Delay Corrector, but I somehow missed on that “,±” syntax (I’d just enter “13000” and wonder why no delay was inserted). My bad.

I’m so curious what you are doing… Trying to play the wizard of oz with a pink floyd soundtrack maybe?

No mysteries, really. Don’t you have any DVD’s on which almost everything is fine as a release except that you’d prefer the audio or video track from a different one ? A few possible scenarios:

  • Original sound track vs remixed or fiddled with sound track
  • Clear sound track vs inferior or faulty sound track
  • Original language vs dubbed sound track
  • Decent video transfer vs inferior or cropped video transfer

It would be a simpler world for cinephiles if the average studio or distributor had a single clue about what they’re doing, naturally, in which case the above problems wouldn’t exist.

Hmm… didn’t think of all that. Thanks…