Re-authored DVD would not autoplay



The following steps were followed to add subtitles to a DVD:

  1. Copied main movie only to hard disk using DVD Shrink.

  2. Demultiplexed DVD vob files using VobEdit.

  3. Syncronized and converted subtitles using SubtitleCreator.

  4. Authored new DVD using IfoEdit.

All finish with no problems, but the re-authored DVD will not autoplay (in windows or standalone DVD player) and “stop” status appears. Also the play button does not play the DVD. If the VIDEO_TS.IFO file is opened in windows the DVD plays fine. Any ideas what might be causing this problem?


Did you move it to a folder called VIDEO_TS before you burned, and if so, what did you use to burn the DVD?


Yes, the files are in the VIDEO_TS. It shouldn’t be a problem with burning, as I have burned a lot of other DVDs in the same way with no problems.


Nobody else has this problem?


Ifoedit has messed up during authoring.
Try authoring with ReJig.


ReJig crashes while authoring NTSC DVD. Any other ideas?