Re-applying a copy protection... can it be done?



Hey I have an image file of Soldier of Fortune 2 double Helix. I ripped it off the CD without the copy protection in alcohol 120%. I was wondering if I added the right copy protection as the “data type” when burning in alcohol, would the game disk play. (Or would I have to emulate the protection some how using Daemon tools or another program). BTW I lost my origonal disk (i do have a disk copied by Nero as well but it does not work, could i add the copy protection to a copy my Nero disk?). And does anyone know what the protection on Soldier of Fortune 2 Double Helix is. Any help and/or sudgestions would be great. Thanks. Cheers


Soldier of Fortune II is unprotected.


And its also 2 discs


It is protected by the use of a very large, fake, audio track.
No audio - no work.


so basically if i dont have the audio track im screwed and have to get a new disk from the company… correct? well anyways thanks for the help. Tripplesixty