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Good evening all, fairly new to this so please bear with me…I am an old DVD X-Copy Platinum user and although some have had their share of problems with this program…after working all the bugs out it worked fairly well for me. I purchased a new computer and went with the XP-64 bit but didn’t want to put Platinum on the new system. I researched and reviewed and found that the combination of DVD 1-Click and Any DVD is one of the preferred choices and purchased DVD 1-Click already and using the trial version of Any DVD. I am having a problem even starting to use both these together. I tried reading all the posts in the forum before signing in to see if I can figure it out myself and can’t find too much information on how to fix this problem. I insert the original movie and let the Any DVD have the following when I put the mouse over the fox On:1, Off: 0, Empty :0 and even played the movie through my Power DVD for a few minutes before even beginning to open DVD 1-Click. No matter what I try, as soon as the compression screen is over…I get a message stating Error 1: This DVD is encrypted. 1 Click DVD Copy cannot copy encrypted DVD movies. If you are using a decrypter, you may need to restart it before running 1 Click DVD Copy. I used the guide that was supplied by a link (great idea) and set all the settings on Any DVD as suggested and still no change. I hope that Any DVD is compatable with the 64 bit Windows, and the ppl at the 1 Click DVD Copy recommeded this Decryptor as one of their favorites as it works well with the software. Please help with any suggestions or if you need a log file, please let me know how to put on here as I am fairly new at this (sorry for my ignorance, still learning). Thanks . Mike.


Well, the “preferred choice” is clearly AnyDVD & elby CloneDVD2. SlySoft offers very nice bundle prices. Does 1-click work correctly on XP-64?


Nothing works correctly on XP-64.


AnyDVD & CloneDVD do! :slight_smile:


Well yeah, assuming that the optical drive does… and that the hard drive does… and that there isn’t some other piece of software malfunctioning and wrecking the data (like 9/10 antivirus programs which don’t work). :wink:


Hey all, thanks for the reply’s so far, unfortunately I am still not having success.

TRU, I am not sure if 1 Click supports 64bit, I checked with the computer shop on my regrets to go with 64bit and they assured me that 64bit will also run 32bit programs but I am now starting to lose faith in them as they insisted I should go 64bit when I was building this system with them.

I did send 1 click an E-mail to inquire if it is 64bit compatible or not so waiting for the response, if it isn’t then I will try the Clone DVD as per the suggestions…I went at this backwards as I wasn’t aware that Slysoft also made a burn engine as well as a ripper, I got the 1 click software first (and stupid me didn’t take the trial first) and then the guys in that forum sent me to Slysoft for the ripper, I wish I knew about Slysoft first so I could have got both the ripper and the burn engine (Clone DVD), but hopefully I can get them to work together or I just lost a few $$$ and will have to try Clone DVD.

Thanks again for your reply’s, and I am truly regretting the whole 64bit idea for now.


Just an update…I don’t know if this is the answer…but I decided to download the trial of Clone DVD 2 and once running it the ripper (AnyDVD) is doing it’s job…I succesfully ripped and backed up 3 movies so far :slight_smile: Here’s hoping for more…I still can’t figure out however why 1 Click doesn’t recognize Any DVD as a decrypter on my computer while others there recommend Any DVD to go with the 1 Click program. I think I am going to definately purchase both the AnyDVD, and Clone DVD 2 programs during the trial period if they continue to work well together. However I still will have that copy of 1 Click which I paid for…so hopefully there will be some reason soon why that software won’t work as well. Thanks for now…Mike.