Re 4K Resolution & H265 & Pivos Technology AIOS HD Media Centre



kERRY 56, Thank you for your reply. I am not familiar with the new resolution for future BluRays. Will it be the same for DVD’s as well? Will I still be able to reencode my originals at 1080 withBD Rebuilder & the new Blurays? also do U think that Dodds will have his BDRebuilder program to work with the new 4K Resolution and H265?

One more thing, do you have an opinion or are you familiar with my Pivos Technology AIOS HD Media Centre or its quality?

Somehow I missed your last reply. Many Thanks, Kerry!!


The new standard for UltraHD Blu-ray has been announced, but not completed. That is expected by the end of the 3rd quarter, 2015.

The new 4k discs and players will not arrive until Christmas season of 2015. So, you have a year before shopping for them. 4k TV’s are already out of course.

Regular 1080p Blu-ray will still be made, and standard definition DVD’s will also be available. Its not like these formats are going to disappear.

Jdobbs has not said anything about support for 4k, in fact, he has announced that he is cutting back on support for BD Rebuilder, and does not expect to do much more with it. He may decide to release a “final” edition of BD Rebuilder soon that has no time limit on it.

If he does continue to work on encoding programs, I suspect he will make a commercial version instead of a free one for 4k and H265.

I’m afraid I haven’t heard of your Pivos media center, so I cannot comment on it.


IF you have their first media player, the Aios, it wont play H265 files, I have one and tried.
If you have one of their newer android based ones it might depending on the CPU and player you use but I doubt any right now have native decoding built in, too new.
I really like their player and the company support but the older first one is pretty much as far as it will go, their newer android ones are still being updated but I don’t have one and will probably get a quad core from someone when I’m ready to upgrade again and at this point I don’t think Pivos had a quad version but I haven’t kept up on them. They do have a forum that’s pretty active and they have a guy that posts on a few other forums as well.