Rdgrimes @ Turn off XP burning service

Where in Win XP can I "Turn off XP burning service "?


IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service

You should find it in Admin Tools - Services

Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services - right click IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service and select Properties, then change from Automatic to disabled

I went to Services > IMAPI CD…

It is set to Manual.

The choices are Automatic/Manual/Disable

The Description says it manages CD writing.

I did a Win XP Search for “IMAPI” & “Image Mastering” and I got zero hits.

What does this service do in each mode?

How does it effect DVD writing?

I have been getting compare errors when I make a DVD backup of my “C” drive and am wondering if IMAPI CD setting could causing the errors?

The burning software in XP is licenced from Roxio, you can draw your own conclusions from that. :Z

Setting it to manual is no good, the service will still be started by XP. So disabling it is usually best.