RDG you getting this for your MMC03 with the 1213?



8x burn…wtf is this drive that bad?


NO I think is media , I done some mcc003 test remember my posts in vs08 thread


The drive’s write strats are just that screwed up. Either that, or media. Or both! :wink:


I’ve posted plenty of 8x and even 12x burns on this media already. Try it with TY T01 strat at 8x.


k that was my next test.


definately not the media mate heres the same image burned at 8x with my benq 822A…

blah im not gonna waste 93$ on this crap…ill wait till they come out with fixes and buy it again for 60$ or so…since the other reason i wanted it was for a second scanner (which its very inconsistent) and the limitations of my external write speed im gonna rma it. :Z


definately not the media mate heres the same image burned at 8x with my benq 822A…

That’s an incorrect assumption. Media behaves differently in every burner, the fact that one burner likes it doesn’t make it “good” media. Case in point: the NEC2500A likes all kinds of cheap crap that no other drive can burn well.

Personally, I’ve always thought that MCC was over-rated, and many burners are having trouble with the 8x+R. Anyway, yes the LiteOn has trouble with it.
It might turn out to be good 12x or 16x media though, who knows.



well ok seems good on the 822, maybe this is an x-file [add weird music here]

I have had very good luck with mcc003 media at 4x or 6x on all my drives 8x seems to be the hard point.


blah i dont need to deal with it though…i tried cmc E01 media bad burn too with this drive…rma for now maybe ill buy it again when its cleaned up a bit. :iagree:


could be that this media is made for the walking opc…if i remember right my benq did come with this media as the sample disk…so who knows maybe its optimized for that kind of write.

if you look on the media test page for mccs youll notice all the benqs do real well with mcc003s and even better with mcc002s (which i like better than the 3s myself).


Well i do know the mcc003 taiwan made media burned like dream on my nu tech 082 it has that running opc , now i had two freezes on the playback but that could have been something else on player I used. the pi was 6 or less and the po was 1 or 2