#rd time no help.LVW 5005 drive replacement

I don’t know where to begin.I guess I’ll start with the last thing I did.I replaced my drive in my LVW5005a (DDW-813s),with a new one (SHW-106P6s) as recomended by TunedPort350,http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=165085
The new drive will not read the media I have which was read by the old drive,when it was new.I get a “failure” message.That would be Memorex DVD+R 8x and Sony DVD+R 8x.I can’t keep buying new media to experiment with,it gets too expensive.The new drive will read VCD’s,SVCD’s,DVD+R 8x,DVD-R 8x,all of which were recorded on by the old drive and playback fine.The replacement of the drive went fine.Two plugs in the back of the drive and changing the jumper to “master”.I don’t think I missed anything.Soooo,I put the old drive back in and cleaned the lens as recomended here,and I’m back to square one.Old drive is acting the same as the new drive,refusing to read blank media,but playing my recorded ones.Oh,The new drive when installed would not read my “holywood” movie DVD’s.I’m stumped.Someone please help!!

You will need to read up on region free hacks on the SHW-106P6s and see if there is a firmware upgrade for that drive to recognize more media. You will most likely need to upgrade it on a PC. The new drive is probably not set to the proper region for your DVDs.

Thank you for your input.I found a firmware update for more media on the Liteon site, but I only own a laptop and don’t think I can attach this new drive to update the firmware.I’m still confused as to why this SHW-160P6s when installed,wouldn’t play store bought DVD movies.The old on did.Everything I read about this new drive seemed so easy to do,and nobody had any major problems.I love a challenge as much as the next guy,but I’m growing weary.Two weeks and counting… Anyone have any thoughts??

A new drive probably won’t have the region code set. In fact, the first time you use a new DVD drive with a DVD Player (such as WinDVD) on a PC, it will ask for a region. The old drive had the region code set at the factory by LiteON. You can use any old PC to do the upgrade, there must be some you can get for as little as $50 to $100 or borrow one.

To connect an IDE drive to a laptop you can buy an inexpensive IDE to USB adapter. I bought one for less than $20 and it has been very useful. It allowed me to salvage data from a laptop HDD that was getting cranky. Here is a link to several that can serve the purpose.


They can be found at numerous places on the net.

Yes set the region with your PC and also update the firmware (check with DVDInfoPro), remove and retry in your DVD recorder; things should be OK or you have a bad drive. You must have a friend with a desktop PC who will let you do an update.