RD RAM and a Dell 8200 Dimension

Alright, when i first bought my computer (probably two and half years ago?), Rd ram was the newest/greatest thing. So i decided to purchase the model that had it in it. Well, low and behold, maybe half a year later, they begin to use ddr-ram. Well, i only have 256mb of ram in my cpu. I check the bios, and it says the there are two 128 chips in, but, strangely, i check inside, and it has FOUR 64mb chips. So, i’ve decided to upgrade. One, are there any recommendations on brands/sites, and two, how much would you recommend? I’m running xp with three profiles, and i play alot of games online. I also have an nvidia geforce 2, agp, 64mb. Any suggestions (other than the obvious, buy a new computer)?

Since all the RAM sockets are occupied, you’ll need to take 1 or 2 our to upgrade, I suggest pulling two out and putting 2 sticks of 256MB in. Check newegg.com for RDRAM.

For brand names go with Kingston, Micron-PC, Corsair, or OCZ. Or check to see if what you picked out uses the Mushkin chipset.
For lifetime warranty and a compatibility guarantee, try www.crucial.com, mostyy they are rebranded micron-pc’s.

Alright, thanks for the help guys. Now, as you said, I’m gona pull two and put two 256’s in. There won’t be a conflict with keeping two 64’s and having 256’s in right?

Shouldn’t be.

@ thesandman00
Consult with your manual, I think you need to have memory modules in pair (at least) for RAMBUS.

Make sure there are 4x64mb sticks of RDRAM because as stoner says all ram sockets have to be occupied so make sure 2 are not just banking plates or whatever they are called…

As I remember from my friend’s Dell system running RAMBUS, there are faux RAMBUS sticks that fools the mobo into believe all 4 sockets are occupied. They are empty PCB boards. For best result, you don’t want to mix different speeds.

So the answer is, yes, i can have two chips of 64 AND two chips of 256 right? And, yeah, Rambus ALWAYS goes in pairs.

Yes this is correct

Two and a half year ago, 64MB RDRAM modules were cheap meaning that it was cheaper to have four 64MB RDRAM PC800 modules than to have two 128MB RDRAM PC800 modules. It was also cheaper to have four 128MB RDRAM than two 256MB.

You can have 1GB DRAM by buying four 256MB Samsung PC800 RDRAM modules.



Hey, how is that site as far as reliablity, policies and what not? And what about that chip, would you recommend that one/will it fit?

I must increase the RAM in my Dell Dimension XPS B800r from 256MB RD RAM to 512 MB RD RAM in order to upgrade my operating system to WINDOWS XP Home Edition. I would upgrade it to XP Professional if I could get enough RAM. I need another 256 MB RD RAM chip (stick). Mine is 13.3 cm long precisely. and 3.2 cm precisely. The inscription on the chip is Samsung Korea 0042 256 MB 116 MR16R082GAN1-CK7DF 711-45 100. Is there any chip you have that you think might work?? I would really appreciate it. I would even be willing to accept any chip with more RAM IF it fits in the slot. Can you please help me? Thank you very much.

You should really go to Dell’s support site and find the memory requirement for your PC and what size it supports.

There are a number of differences between rdram and other memory. Go to www.rambus.com ; Solutions; RDRAM; RDRAM FAQ. This site will answer most of the questions about mixing speed, ecc vs. non ecc etc.