RCT 2 cant copy!

I just got into the backin up of games bout 2 weeks ago and it all started when tryin to copy RCT 2 and ive wasted a few good blank CDr on the damn thing… but ne way ive been tryin to learn how to properly make backups but all this business about .btw files just killed my search for a clue on how to backup the game.

But this is what i have, I have the plex.4012A used Clony XXL but when i used clonecd the backup didnt install fully on I used a ToshibaDVD drive to install. RCT 2 is protected with “SecuRom New v-” so basically how can i copy the damn game!

P.s. help a newbie willing to learn…I have no clue what a .btw file is.:frowning:

Lol I think you mean the Blindwrite BWA-files? These files contain a physical media description. This is needed because, simply said, the latest SecuRom copy-protection produces deviations during the read process. With these files you can produce the same deviations in order to make the back-up work. In this thread the BWA-files will be posted. Our Admin FutureProof is currently working on adding the files so you’ll have to be a little patient.

You can read in the Blindwrite help files (they’re installed when you install the program) how you can create your own BWA-files:

How to :

1 - Extract the image of an original CD - subcodes extraction is not mandatory
2 - Extract the media density table, with the provided tool, BWABuilder