"RCE Region Protection"

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what “RCE Region Protection” is and how to get around it… I was copying Spongebob Squarepants for my brother and once I clicked “Backup” in Dvd Shrink this message poped up: It read … “This DVD appears to be R.C.E. protected! If you CORRECTLY specify the region for which this DVD was intended, DVD Shrink will remove the R.C.E. protection.
If you leave the R.C.E. coding unmodified, this DVD will not play in a region-free DVD player, or a player with a region code other than the intended region.” Then there’s two radio buttons, One says Specify Region and the other says leave R.C.E. coding unmodified.

Please, help I don’t understand what to do? :confused:

Specify the region the DVD is intended for.
It should be clearly written on the DVD case.
For example:
Australia = Region 4
UK = Region 2
US = Region 1?