RCA Recorder with Upconversion $98.87

Walmart ad in todays paper shows the RCA DVD Recorder with Upconversion for $98.87 USA. Thats a drop of $40.13 I think it comes with an HDMI cable too. The model number is DRC8052NC.

I would also like to remind everyone that as of March 2007, anything for sale in manufactured the USA with an Analog tuner in it must also include a Digital tuner as well. So I would expect for the price to start dropping on all Analog only recorders.

Full Digital conversion in the U.S. is slated for 2009. This has been delayed once already (2006).


I own this very DVD Recorder RCA and it’s awesome. It will not duplicate protected content or duplicate ANY DVDs either regardless of protection or not. However, it will allow you to copy all TV programs, execept for HBO.
Made in CHINA product. In other stores it’s being sold for 180 dollars, can you believe it?

Most of the newer recorders require a Sima, Grex, etc. to recorded copy protected content. These units strip the protection on the fly. It’s getting a little harder to find hidden overides or hacked firmware which would be better.


Can’t believe I misspelled “manufactured” in my earlier post. I blame it on lack of sleep, had a brain freeze or something. Not to mention the run on sentences.