RCA launches its own HD DVD player in the US and Canada



I just posted the article RCA launches its own HD DVD player in the US and Canada.

 RCA has  launched its HD DVD player,  which is set to go on sale exclusively through selected Wal-Mart stores in Canada  with further stores offering it in the coming weeks with a suggested...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11924-RCA-launches-its-own-HD-DVD-player-in-the-US-and-Canada.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11924-RCA-launches-its-own-HD-DVD-player-in-the-US-and-Canada.html)

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$700 Cdn. vs. $500 US? Why don’t they use a more modern exchange rate? Nowadays $500 US would be worth $550 Cdn.


first thing i thought to, kinda like xbox 360’s being 400 in the US, and 500 here. It ends up being cheaper to import.


How about a poll to see who is actually going to buy these HD-DVD or blu-ray? I have no intention to buy either one.


yah i’m no where near being ready to buy one. I still have a 27 inch CRT standard def tv. No need for one of those things, unless I spend 1500-2000 on a half-decent lcd tv or something, guess it’ll be for highend users.


this is basically a pentium 4 pc with a stripped down version of linux i vote we all just wait for the dvd drive


Its called import dudties and taxes. You can’t just take the US price and convert and expect to pay that here in Canada, the government needs their cut too. BTW, cheaper to import yourself but good luck getting RCA Canada to honor a US warranty ! Same for a 360…