RCA DVD player can't read 16x+R



Facts I know (lol, I think):

I bought an IOMagic 16x burner from Staples. It ended up being an Optorite DD1601. I have burned (DVDShrink/Nero) about (125) 8x-R’s (Teon and Memorex) without problem, and they play on all (3) of my standalone DVD players.

I bought some Verbatim 16x+R’s to see how much quicker they were and how much better the quality was. The first disc I burned was pretty quick (< 6 minutes, I believe, although I didn’t time it exactly) and had a great scan (PIF max 9, average <2, no PIE’s).

HOWEVER, it won’t play in my 4 year old RCA player - I believe it said “unsupported disc” - or something like that. It does play in my Samsung and the player in my Honda Odyssey.

Is there something I can do (bitsetting) with my drive to allow the RCA to play it? If so, could someone guide me how - or direct me to the right place to learn?



sounds like a classic bitseting issue to me…don’t know if the optorite can bit set though. however, if you switch to r- you should be able to play them on your rca…


IT could also be the colour of the disc, as some DVD (especially the older ones) do have problems with certain discs.
Basically the receiver is just not sensitive enough to pick up a slightly weaker laser signal, so it thinks the disc is a coaster and spits it back out.

You could always try a DVD cleaner disc. That might help as well.



Anyone know if the drive can be bitset?


i did a quick search the last night and it does not appear that it does. mabey time for a new dvd player… :slight_smile:


Thanks Spry - I couldn’t find anywhere that said it could bitset either.

I guess I’ll stick to -R’s then.

Am I correct in assuming that any new players will play +R’s?