RCA and Y Cb Cr


I have a tv with inputs for RCA (yellow,white,red) and Y CB CR.

The RCA inputs are broken and i want to know if there is any way to hook up the video from the yellow rca cable to the y cb cr.



A composite cable carries the total video signal (the white and red are intended for audio). A component connection requires 3 separate cables for the video. If I’m following your thinking, the yellow color isn’t a concern. Going with a component connection will give you a better signal.

Thanks for the reply!,

My main idea is that my Playstation2 and my xbox both use rca connections (they dont have component). My tv doesnt have rca (its broken) but it does have component Y CB CR and i am just wondering if you can hook up your rca cable in to the component input.

As the yellow rca cable split into the 3 component ones.

Thanks for bothering to muck around with me!