RC5: Run the cow over the complete network

I just posted the article RC5: Run the cow over the complete network….

Thanks to redfox I found a very nice program to install the RC5 client under the entire network at once. It is a remote control.

If you think it is a pain to maintain the Windows NT…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1521-RC5-Run-the-cow-over-the-complete-network___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1521-RC5-Run-the-cow-over-the-complete-network___.html)

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I downloaded the program but get an error, could someone gimme the good program? Greetz messiah mbeld61@mediaport.org

The program works fine! Redfox tested it! What kind of error do you get?

Het bestand rscc.exe is gekoppeld aan het ontbrekende uitvoer netapi32.dll: NetApiBufferFree C:windowsdesktopsrcc-bin-4.9rcc.exe Een apparaat dat op het systeem is aangesloten werkt niet :frowning:

First, What OS do you se ? If you use Win9x or WinME then this won’t work :slight_smile: It only works with WindowsNT and Windows 2k. You can add cows to clients running Win9x en WinME, but you can’t install it. Or try to find that file with http://www.google.com and put it in x:windowssystem

I have ME, but already have that file in system directory. Shit can’t you make it compatible with ME? so i can add many cows on school over the network. !!! Greetz

Well, the software has not been developed by us, so bug the developer :wink:

DECFMessiah -> We didn’t created this program, so we can’t make it compatible… Code a program yourself, or go ask the author of this program (johanw@xs4all.nl) :slight_smile: