RazorLame just getting hiss

I have RazorLame set up on my laptop with good results but when I try to duplicate it on my home pc all I get is hiss with all the the tagging correct. I’m trying to get 320k, CBR, Quality 1, lowpass 18000, stereo MP3’s. These settings work on the laptop but not the home pc, just hiss. Could it be the output sampling frequency which is set to default? Could it be the fact that I was encoding wav’s on the laptop and trying to encode ape. files on the home pc? :confused:

The Output Sampling Frequency is usually 44.1 kHz.

The quality setting is only applicable for VBR.
I fail to see the purpose for either Highpass or Lowpass filters unless the files are really crap.

RazorLame is frontend for LAME.
LAME is an MP3 encoder.

I just tried an ape. file on the laptop and it came out as hiss. So i think it’s the fact that it’s an ape file not a wave is the problem. :sad: I’m going to stick with WinLame because it converts directly from ape to mp3.