Razor 1911 diss Isonews



I just posted the article Razor 1911 diss Isonews.

DrJ used our newssubmit to tell us:

Many cracking groups just hate ISOnews

There are many things the scene is about. For most it is simply the benefit of free cracked software to use…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2309-Razor-1911-diss-Isonews.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2309-Razor-1911-diss-Isonews.html)

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Razor is 100% right on this one,Iso news make money with there site and is editing nfo`s. I know one of isonews members is running a ftp board where after you pay him you have access to it for a year when 99% of the posts there are stolen from other ftp boards!! Thats not my idea of the warez scene where it use to be all about the sharing and not about making money of other peoples hard work…


hey, u misted the best part, in that same nfo: “Isonews sux donkey nads” :smiley:


Well I found some of the guys of Isonews pretty arrogant. Now the cracking groups are even telling us they look down at them, well I’m happy to hear that. I don’t agree about the advertising though, I can imagine that it’s hard for Isonews to get advertisers, because their site covers an illegal subject and companies don’t want to be associated with that, been there, done that :wink:


Razor rulez, And i wanna thank them for all their releases, i lost my count :slight_smile: PUREiSO is much better then Isonews, thanx for the link Zyron. BTW, Domi a few years ago (1998/1999) when CDFreaks was “illegal” there where also many sponsor here. Or am i wrong?? And news like this is nice to see on CDFreaks again :slight_smile: It’s not illegal, but it have sompthing to do with the Warez scene… I like that :d


To Razor 1911: I riase my hand to you for a hi five. You siad a mouthfull and was right to the point. We are not here to make money we are here for 2 reasons to save money and to keep warez free!! It pisses me off when ppl try to steal from me to make a profit off my hard work. we work our butts off to trade 0sec and 0min its like a game to see who can get the stuff off the fastest not to see who can make the most money thats what we are preventing the more co. raise there prices the more we hack them. so look out ISOnews the hackers are on there way to attact you. you wonder why you have been hacked in the past its because you have been charging and making a profit off our hard work I only go to your site for 1 reason the thats for the bin cruncher and iso img. software i use pureiso for the rest if someone want to talk to pureiso.com to have them post utilities like that on there site im sure isonews will loose more ppl. ok ill close this by saying… “Lets all do our job and keep warez FREE!!!” :d


Ive been in the scene since the C-64 dayz and lamerz alwayz were the idiots trying to profit over someone elses releases…! ISOnews are a bunch of LAMERZ and the scene realizes it! :frowning:


You should read the forums at IsoNews… Pretty heavy discussions about this…


Ok I read this posting and have to say there is a point where it’s all gunna stop… ISONews are st2pid, that’s clear enough, never been there and will never go there. I’m not a warez buster, i do like warez, but i don’t care if i get it today or tomorrow or next month… Meaning sites such as ISONews are really not needed at all, get those Blamers phlat lined that’s the f*ckin’ spirit. And about Razor 1911, i wonder why 1911. What happened in 1911? And furthermore, thanks for the cracks and warez i have seen of you guys in the past, but still i keep wondering, theres people making alot of money simply by creating a masive amount of Warez cd’s and selling the drama, like : Twilight, Red Fox, CrazyBytes, you name ehm… Loads of warez cd’s and they make even more money… - Greetz, Qwanta


phroze|man|, we had less sponsors in the past, and we could coop that way as we had less expenses. Hosting a site with lot’s of daily visitors is something expensive and will only be possible with the right advertisers and sponsors.


iSONEWS sux old news, very old and sometimes the dates aren’t even the same as the original nfo file


DoMiN8Tor, ok and we can keep CDFreaks alive by clicking on this sponsors… But why are those popup screens from “Trafic”?? Die zijn zeer irritant, anyway, CDFreaks is still my most viewed site and post news like this a view times is really appriciated :slight_smile:


hi, some people here might recognise my name, some might not… my name is pHo (as stated above heh) and im one of the staff members at another NFO posting site ( www.vcdquality.com ) i’ve been reading isonews, and a few older sites (both vcd and games scene) that are no longer with us, and isonews seems to get a hella lot of flak. but hell we get a lot of flak on there too, so maybe i should bitch a lil ;p whilst i dont know any of the administration at isonews, i do know the odd poster , and they’re generally decent down to earth people who are pro-scene. i dont think the whole money thing seems to have escaped from the admin people, so i think a lot of their staff are truly in the lurk as to what happens behind the scenes. we have a policy on our site, if a group requests not to be posted, its removed. if the group are a bunch of lamers, we have a good laugh, but we still respect their opinions, and in all honesty, we owe that to them yknow. people will still post about the releases, but we’re not openly admitting their existance. we have the script set to not post nfo for set groups, and also in the case of one group (unless things have changed) the jpegs are not posted either. i think the whole isonews=runs.the.scene attitude kinda seems to float around a lot still. im not sure of the people at isonews who believe this, or brag about this, but its kinda sad. i have no personal prob with the site, i visit it a lot, and read thru many of the posts, but something still dont seem right. its a shame when the most public news site of all seems to be the most hated, but sometimes i can see the justification in the hate. if a newssite behaves like real journalist, and treats the people it reports about like shit, then theres gonna be a backlash. i dont doubt isonews makes money, and agreed, its probably a lot of money. i know where our money goes into : we recently bought a new server box in order to get faster speeds due to higher rates of traffic. these things dont come cheap, and if it wasn’t for the ads we wouldn’t have it. we used to run a system of popups, and as soon as we reached the months bandwidth charges, we’d turn em off. scene isn’t about making money (altho i dont doubt a LOT of groups profit) so we respect that, and do our best to make sure everyone who posts or is posted about on our site is happy with the work we do. thanks, pHo