Raxco PerfectDisk Pro Version 12.5 Review



I just posted the article Raxco PerfectDisk Pro Version 12.5 Review.

This is a review of Raxco’s latest release of PerfectDisk Pro, Version 12.5.

With a quick glance it is obvious that PerfectDisk has evolved significantly since I last looked at it.

PerfectDisk still has the primary objective of keeping drives in an optimal performance state by reducing the level of defragmentation of files and free space and thus a key question that comes straight into my mind is – How does it compare to the defragmentation facility that comes packaged with Windows?

The other key questions that occur to me are – is the new preventative ‘Optiwrite’ functionality, that stops fragmentation from happening in the first place, effective? And, is the new ‘SSD Optimise’ functionality effective?

I have endeavoured to find some indicative answers to these questions in my testing.

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Thank you for the very nice review
I was very interested in your take on perfectdisk and how much use it may be for an SSD


How long 12.5 been out? I think a while now… Been using the product overall for a few years and think it is great.


I never heard about it but will try it for sure. Thank you for the review.


Yo JR, great review, I really enjoyed it. Might just give this proggy a chance, even though I always believed that defrag programs have no place on an SSD dr[I]ive, this Optimizer seems interesting.;)[/I]


[QUOTE=JReynolds;2680775]is the new preventative ‘Optiwrite’ functionality, that stops fragmentation from happening in the first place, effective?[/QUOTE]

I’ve been using PerfectDisk for a while now.

After an initial defrag with PD12.5, everything looks pretty neat on the disk.

It seems that OptiWrite then randomly scatters any new files in the free space that is available, whilst leaving the previous defragged files (mainly) untouched.

After a relatively short time (in this case less than 24 hours), the free space looks a right mess.


That’s interesting Mike.

Is it your boot drive that appears in the screenshot?

Regds, JR


[QUOTE=JReynolds;2683976]That’s interesting Mike.

[B]Is it your boot drive that appears in the screenshot?[/B]

Regds, JR[/QUOTE]

That’s my C: drive. I only have one HDD on the laptop which is 120GB (although 6GB is partitioned for the D: drive recovery partition).
I defrag on a regular basis, so it mostly maintains the large free area (white blocks).

This is the legend for people who don’t know what the coloured blocks mean :wink:


Here’s a before and after from today.