Haven’t had problems in the past with this but recently, this novel problem has cropped up:

burning bin/cue files with cdrwin 3.9b, all of the burn discs fail to work after burning. CDwriter will recognize that they are there, but report 0 used bytes, and 0 available bytes free space. Looking at properties, disc is listed as file system: RAW.

When I check all the other discs that I’ve burned in the past that function, file system is listed as CDFS.

My question is, if I didn’t change any settings in CDRwin, how come all these new discs are burned as RAW file types?

ALSO, is it possible to extract the data of the discs into new bin/cue files, and burn them onto new discs in a CDFS file system that will read properly?

running XP Home with SP1, CDR is Samsung sw-240b, not the best for the job I know, but it’s what came with the computer and has worked in the past.


i suggest you trash the stolen key code you have, and actually buy the program. we dont condone piracy.