RAW upgrade for RICOH MP70605?



Does n e 1 know where I can get a flash upgrade for my RICOH MP70605 to enable RAW writing. It can already read RAW, but my mate flashed his, and now his WRITES as well. He can't remeber where he got it from, otherwise I would ask him. N e 1 help?


Christ if it’s true, let us ALL know!!


Your mate doesn’t need to remember where he got it from, just needs to give you copy of the file he used.


Yeah, I know. But he’s not exactly good with computers, and is scared s**tless that someone will find out he has a copier. He deleted the file as soon as he had used it. Stupid, isn’t it?


OK Dood ,if this is no BS why don’t YOU look in his history folder to see where he has been?


Wey-Hey! Good idea - I’ll try it next time I c him. Oh, yeah I just want 2 point out that this is only 4 the RICOH MP70605 - so if u don’t own 1, there is no need 2 get excited.

Wait a minute… Did u just accuse me of BSing???.. :wink:


Well Dood, I have a 7060S (not 5) and I can’t find any mention of this firmware anywhere. You say your friend is not good with computers yet he hits gold like this? Well if you are not BSing us (and I’m not saying you are) then maybe he’s BSing you!