Raw Mode parameters

CloneCD claims to use raw mode. I am a little fuzzy on raw mode as far as error correction is concerned. I understand it makes an image of the disk, like ghost does for a hard drive, then writes it back to the new media. What I am unclear on is if the Solomon Reed error correction codes become part of the image, or are they used to correct any errors in the image, and when it is written back out, new error correction codes are generated.

The difference is significant since in the first case any errors that occur will be propogated to the copy, and would result in a decrease in reliability, since the copy would contain all the errors from the master plus any it has itself.

When I emailed slysoft with the question, this is the answer I got:

CloneCD has its own error handling. It depends on what CD you are trying to copy with what settings.

Which really did not tell me anything except it appears that there may be some settings somewhere that lets me control if errors are corrected before rewriting or not, although I could find no such settings.

If anyone knows I would appreciate knowing. If CloneCD rewrites an image with errors uncorrected then I will probably switch to another software. Theirs is very fast, but I rather have reliability than speed.