RAW Data burning




I’ve been scouring the forums, and the internet, for about 6 hours now, and cant do what I wan’t. Which is,

“Each sector can hold a maximum of 2352 bytes”

My CD, info from CloneCD, has 363128 secters, which gives me about 846,000 kb. Now I know that “a data sector can only hold 2048 bytes per sector” but I also know “An audio sector does not use the CRC-check because audio is corrected by the hardware and therefore it can use the full 2352 bytes per sector!”

I want to write my data into the full 2352 bytes per sector. I don’t care about CRC-check because I’m writing compressed movies, so if I lose some data, no big deal. Also, I don’t even care why I wan’t to do it, it’s just something I should be able to do, so I want to do it, or figure out why it can’t be done.

The bottom line is, if I wan’ted to, I could write 846,000 kb(or around there) of music data, and I want to write 846,000 of any kinda of data. Is my thinking wrong, or do I just need new tools.

What I have done is use CloneCD and a Nero image and direct source copy, using both RAW DAO and RAW SAO, both failed me. My image is 726,000 KB, and CloneCD tells me the image file is 817 MB. (All numbers are rounded for speed)

Now, my math isn’t so good, but 817 MB is 856,686 KB and my file is 726,000 KB. The difference between 2352 byte per secter and 2048 byte per secter is 304. 304*363128 sectors is 110,390 KB. 856,686 - 726,000 = 130,686. Close enough for me to guess that I’m still writing in Data mode, and I want to switch to RAW mode.

Any help? A lot of times when I’m done writeing posts to message boards, I answer my own question, but not this time.

Sorry if this has been answerd a million times, can’t get it to work.

Also, I heard some writers can’t do what I wan’t, but the CDClone web site is down for me, at least the list of approved CD writers.