RAW DAO p-w under Linux

Is there any possible way to read subchannel data and write with RAW DAO 96 subcodes p-w using linux apps such as mkisofs, cdrdao, cdrecord? I would like to mimic how CloneCD works under Linux, but there doesn’t to be any frontend for these applications that will allow me to click my way through to these advanced settings. Guess its time to RTF man pages unless you guys have any ideas on the subject…


I don’t know much about Linux (well nothing at all actually :stuck_out_tongue: ). However, I do know that there are Linux guis for cdrdao and there may also be for cdrecord and mkisofs but I can’t say for sure with those two.

As for those 3 programs, cdrdao is the only one that can read and write raw dao96. If using cdrdao a raw + rw subs read will do a full raw dao96 read whilst a raw write in cd-text mode will write dao96.

However, you cannot use cdrdao to duplicate clonecd’s functions because, although cdrdao can write in dao96 mode, the current version (1.1.7) only supports accurate writing of the r-w subs and does not support accurate writing of the p & q subs.

This means that, although cdrdao can successfully copy cd-text, kareoke and cd+g cds, it cannot copy securom or libcrypt protected psx cds.

The developer of cdrdao, Andreas Mueller, has, however, indicated that accurate writing of the p & q subs will be supported in the next release so we’ll just have to wait for version 1.1.8 and then see.

the mod is right

there is a frontend program like nero called k3b

youll need cdrdoa,and vcdimager installed to run