RAW-DAO and SubChannel Data

Hello. Im new to ‘backing up’ cd’s, up until now my yamaha 8824e was just used to save mp3’s.

Now i’m being more adventurous and have learned that some cd’s contain subchannel data which also needs to be copied for the cloned cd to work properly.

Question is, how do i know that my yamaha 8824e can handle subchannel data?

Also, i read that you need RAW-DAO capability to write some subchannel data. How do I tell if my yamaha 8824e is compatible with RAW-DAO?

Would really like to learn more about this subject through this forum by chatting to those in the know. So if you can help - id be very interested and grateful to hear what youve got to say.

Thx in anticipation to replies.


You should check the CloneCD Hardware Requirements. You can check this list so what settings/features your burner has.

All info should be self-explaining although you might want to know what “Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns” means: it means SafeDisc 2 (new and populair/common copy-protection on new games) support :slight_smile: