Raw copy mode

Hi there could you help me, i have tried backing up my games with “alchohol 120% and gamejack” with no success but when creating an image file with “gamejack” even though i have selected “raw copy mode” it states"no raw copy mode"when
creating the image file with both my cd burners. I checked burner details and they both state that they support “raw dao”.
Do you have any idea why i can’t extract image file in raw mode.
I think this is the problem when game is finished i just get the title screen but game will not start. this is for ps2. Do you think
i may need to update device drivers as they are both using windows xp default drivers.:bow:

Which burner do you have? :confused:

Hi again ,i have an nec dvd rom-cd r/w drive and a cdr/w drive
that i don’t know the make of ,the i.d is IDE5224.(PROBABLY BTC)
Thanks for taking the time to help me.