RAW copies with Plextor 4220



I'd need to backup some Playstation and possibly some protected PC cds.

I've tried to dublicate PSX discs with Nero, CDRWin and Blindread/CDRWin combo, but the Playstation does not recognize the resulted discs. However, with CloneCD I've made succesful copies.

I think I had all the correct settings with Nero and CDRWin (as instructed at gamecopyworld.com)

I have the SCSI writer Plextor 4220 which I have used for reading and writing. I also have a Plextor 32TS CD-ROM. Since I don't want to waste a dozen of CD-R blanks while expirimenting, I'd like to know if any of you has had problems/success at copying protected CDs with the Plexie 4220. Please also tell me the program/settings you have used.


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