RAW CD Copy version 2.0 released



I just posted the article RAW CD Copy version 2.0 released….

interceptor used our newssubmit to tell us about RAW CD Copy. This software has the following features:

Creates almost true copies of cd’s.

Supports cd-writer’s compatible with MMC…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2204-RAW-CD-Copy-version-2_0-released___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2204-RAW-CD-Copy-version-2_0-released___.html)

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Do we also get a refund on all the cd-r’s we f*ck up with this beta? :wink:


Now now, considering cdr’s are as low as 28p each you can’t grumble @ the loss of a cdr now and again. :4 GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK


More NOW than AGAIN…:c


No big differences… CloneCD rocks! Hardware support required, as usual… if you want to duplicate SafeDisc2 crap. :slight_smile:


have u ever heard of safedisk 2 unwrapping, then rebuilding the extracted file? I did with Settlers IV seeing as noone could produce a working crack I did it myself and it works in any cd rom, can be copied with easycd creator, and is 100% the same as the original.


Can you explain how to unwrap safedisc 2 games?


I think a program called “Insektors” can do the job by applying patches to the sectors which will allow backups to work everywhere.


Using a safedisk 2 unwrapper does not make the copy 100% the same as an origional it makes it 100% the same as one using a patched exe, because that is exactly what it is. Anyway eliot1 to unwrap a SD2 game. Go to GameFix and get the latest version of unsafedisc2 and safedisc analiser. Then run the analiser on the protected EXE it will then tell you the version of SD2 used, if the EXE was protected with SD2. If it wasn’t it will ask for an ICD file… If there isn’t one then it is not protected with SD if there is then open it and it will tell you what version of SD1 was used. Once you have found out the version of the EXE use the corrisponding version of Safedisc dumper and then wait awhile. It will create a file and then you use the rebuilder to create the final EXE. Test it by renaming it the same as the origional EXE and loading the game. If all goes well replace the EXE on the CD with this one. Whenever official game patches come out you may need to put the old exe back to run it. After the game is patched, use unsafedisc to make a new exe. PS. This belongs in the forum.


There is a difference, this program would allow the fastdump feature of Daemon Tools to work unlike CloneCD… This would enable the fast dumping of SD1 & SD2 images for those who have trouble reading them.


I have never heard such rubbish in all my life. I used the SD2 unwrapper, then made a new backup cd, installed like the original and worked 100% Then when I went to install the update it didn’t even know the original exe file had been modified :4 I then unwrapped the new exe and off I went :8


I never said that it wouldn’t work… I just said that it wasn’t 100% the same as the origional. Yes some patches will install over modified exe’s but NOT all, some will not be able to detect the version and will not install. I never said that it was the case for all official patches. Read what I said.