Raven Shield disc 2 wont copy




I am new to this and have a question, I have raven shield and would like to make a back up copy of disc 2. Is there any way to do this? I have a samsung 40x cd burner and a samsung 52x cd rom. Can I use these drives, or do I have to get a Lite-on.



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do you know exact models ? you can go in device manager and find them out …and then go to clone cd site and see if your burners can correctly write EMF … but I am sure drive you could copy them …I use blindwrite to do my copying and it works well for me … but we would have to find out cause raven shield is safedisc 2.9 … and that is really hardware dependent …if you would like to chat you can find me on msn messenger

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What do you mean hardware dependant? I have the UK version of raven shield I believe, if it makes any difference.

My computer
1024 MB RAM
160GB HD

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depends on your burner big time … but we can try it out … doesnt hurt …coasters can be good christmas presents

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I just checked it out, my models are SW-240B for CDRW and SC-152L for CDROM. 0 Sheep "Drive does not write regular bit patterns correctly or has not yet been tested. Use “Emulate weak sectors”. " So can I still copy the disk or do I need to get a new cd burner. Would Lite-on be good?


ouch zero sheep writer …

that is bad …specially to copy sd 2.9

asus drives good

lite-on are good too

i have a cheap memorex drive that can copy anything … .and it was 69 bucks …but I have six burners

also lite on’s I know i will get hit for this … some are blacklisted … i have alot of burners to do tests on …

but so far memorex for being cheap has worked …i know my asus 48x does good too …


So there is no other choice except a new burner?

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well to be honest I have not gotten that huge of copy protection to work with no sheep burner …I would get a new one but remember also this protection is tough …burner dependant …some burners can handle sd 2.9 and some cant …


your reccomendation for this kind of task?



well if you read above i have listed some burners … .memorex i love if you can get it cheap …but i have been told that depends where ya live asus is cheaper brand and I know they work too


OK I have a LG CDROM drive and a old lite-on CDROM drive but I need a burner right?

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yes …

different burner …cd roms are always good to have in machine cause if they work in cd rom they will usually work anywhere. .I always have a cd rom in my pc …


OK thanks I think I am going to get a liton from newegg for 40 its 52-32-52 so it will get the job done right?


well not sure …there is liteon forum …do you have model number ??? cause you can look on cloney page if it writes them correctly … like i said i dont use lite ons that much so I dont knwo really well …but sure liteon forum probably will tell ya … i know all burners i have bought that ware 52x have done it correctly … but I know and read some lite ons can and cant …


its a 2 sheep, so how do I copy the disc with alcohol and then burn it to cd?


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will talk more


also some 2 sheep burners cant copy sd 2.9 …but i have 2 sheeps and they do fine … but some cant but lite on are good … .so I would think it would … …


I dont have msn messenger only aim