Raven shield cd2

Hi, i am currently using a TDK Cyclone482448B cdrw drive. I am not sure if my drive is a Lite-on, but i assume it is as i have a blue cd tray as i heard from people that cyclone drive with a blue tray is most likely a lite-on version. I used nero info tool and the firmware it reported was S7S3.

I am having the same prob with Xxervio except that i am trying to run the cd from a non cd writer drive. After i click the play raven shield icon, it seems like it is going to start, but will promt me to insert CD instead. I used clonyXXL to scan the disc and it says SAFEDISC protected instead of SAFEDISC 2 like what others say, then i used Alcohol 120% to make the image using SAFEDISC settings and then burn using Alcohol oso using SAFEDISC setting.

I am trying to make a backup to safekeep my CD, and secondly so that i can play at my gf’s non writer PC even though the original cd is at home for my brother to play. Please help guys, pardon me, abit lengthy, thanks in advance for any advice guys.

Try the SafeDisc 2 profile. Don’t forget to set Ignore media Type from the system tray icon

  1. Does it mean that if i have set Ignore media Type from the system tray icon i will have a perfect copy that will play on my non cd writer drives?

  2. By the way, is my TDK cyclone 482448B firmware S7S3 a lite-on drive?

  3. If i were to use discjuggler which many people said would create 1:1 perfect copy, can u guide me the steps? Coz i noticed that when i read through the blindwrite or discjuggler guides, i dun quite understand what they are saying, coz some of them say must set, some say must disable for certain settings. Please help, thanks a million times.

  1. This is for burners
  2. I have no idea
  3. DiscJuggler either works or it doesn’t. If you’re referring to my DJ guide, it is written in plain english

Try Alcohol with the SafeDisc 2 profile as I suggested

ok thanks, i will go and read again…i understand its in english, but somehow i am not sure is it my browser, the picture of the step by step guide is not working…

U mentioned the ignore media type is for burners meaning it is for burners to play without emulation is it? If it really does play without emulation settings that is ignore media type, then i should be able to play on normal cdrom drive just like a original cd without any hitch rite? Thanks brother…

The Hide ATIP feature of Alcohol is very simple in that it does nothing except hide the fact that a CD-RW is in the burner.

Hide ATIP and emulation and normally two different features.

Futureproof, i have tried using both safedisc1 and Safedisc2 settings already, but to no avail, once i remove alco120 and clonecd, so that no emulation will take place, but the cd prompts for insert cd just like what it happens the first few times…But when alco120 was present, even though ignore media type was set to on, the game can play. That was what its happens when i am using cdrw media to try out first. No matter which settings i used, its always alco present, it works, alco not present, it fails. I have oso noticed that alco120 has already enabled the setting of “ignore media type” by default, so i am at my wits now. Both settings i have tried to bypass EFM error and enable ignore media type but to no success.

By the way, the previous time i told u i use clonyxxl to scan the raven sheild disc 2 rite? And it shows sd, not sd2, now i use another type of protector “protect version” to scan and it shows this ----> Safedisc - 3.10.20 i think its detecting either sdv1 again…or its sd3.10 this time…

And if you happen to read my another thread “creating a 1:1 copy” there is another guy call dufroise saying this :

“But one point: nightwolf wants a “perfect” 1:1 copy, and you, Razor, are telling him that he has to use the Safedisk 2 Profile that comes with “Bypass EFM error” selected. This provides EWS (EMULATE Weak Sectors) and then never could be a 1:1 copy.
So it’s why people choose SAFEDISC profile. To make a “perfect” 1:1 copy without EWS.”

I am thinking of trying Discjuggler as i heard it is the only ware rite now that is capable of reading/writing the pregap correctly and i oso understand the pregap is oso drive dependent. I remember seeing a thread here about downloading the discjuggler version X.25 or wat, but i can’t seem to find the thread here anymore…anyone can help?? Thanks in advance…

what you think? Thanks a million times…

ClonyXXL is crap, forget it.

Only protection scanner you need is Protection ID from CDKiller.
It won’t set up Alcohol or CloneCD but hey, everyone can do this on his own…

hey theEye:
i don’t think clony ( is crap… worked for me everytime 'till now… without any miss…
but besides: i’m from cologne, nice to meet a german guy here… :wink:
why don’t you want to set up alcohol? it’s a great tool - if you don’t use virtual drives. but i never use v-drives, i don’t like virtual things… :wink: :wink: :wink: but i love my computer… hehe
ok - clone is worthless if you own bw and / or alcohol… but i think this is not up to topic here any more…
greetz from cologne,

you missunderstood me.

What I meant is that Protection ID won’t set up your alcohol for the right settings. that is what you still have to do on your own.

yes, i misunderstood u…
but if someone doesn’t know which settings to use there is alcoholer. end_thread_mode_now_on
ok, can just somebody close this thread now??? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

just a min before you close this thread…There is something i dun understand…

All the time remember i told u guys that no matter which settings i used in alco, sd1 profile or sd2 profile and it doesn’t work rite? I was wrong, i realise something, i have been using cdrw media as my testing rom, so i burned using alco and i uninstall alco, cd= cannot work, but if alco present, cd= working fine…

So i tested using a cdr media instead and play on my cdrw drive, but samething happen as above, so i assume that no matter what you do, ATIP is always present if you run from a rw drive, so u need something to hide ATIP rite?

But the thing i don’t understand is how come the original game cd with safedisc protection can be run on the cdrw drive without any prob? Its like ATIP is not present at all… I mean if we use cdr media, shouldn’t it behave like a normal original game cd, no matter play from where? Thanks guys…

Originally posted by nightwolf
But the thing i don’t understand is how come the original game cd with safedisc protection can be run on the cdrw drive without any prob? Its like ATIP is not present at all… I mean if we use cdr media, shouldn’t it behave like a normal original game cd, no matter play from where? Thanks guys…

your original media has been pressed (manufactured by machines) and has not been ‘burned’. Pressed media do not contain an ATIP. the ATIP is only for burners so that they know the capacity, the writing-strategy etc. for the inserted cd-r.

oh ic…wow i didn’t know that cd can be pressed using machine…just like imaging but in a form of pressing the data on the disc surface using sort of a blue print rite…hehehe
thats very informative bro…thx…

Then how can i confirm that my cd can be played (perfect 1:1 copy) like original cd like that if i were to use a cdr media on normal cd-rom drives instead or cdr/rw drives?

sorry, didnt quite understand your question. what I can tell you is that normal cd rom drives can not read the ATIP so the option to hide the ATIP is only needed when running the cd from a cd-r/rw drive.

oh ic…ok…so assume that if this time i use a cdr media to burn and i play on the normal cd-rom drive, if can play means i have created a 1:1 perfect copy rite? If cannot means my drive can only burn a working copy (needs emulate) rite???


oki thanks bro…