Raven shield cd2

I can’t create a image file from ravenshield cd2 using clonecd.
the cd reading not progress, the buffer not work and cd reading speed run low to ~7kb/s. I’ve the same problem using nero or blindread. (i use a BTC BCE4012IM). I encountred the same situation when I’ve tryed to create a image file from mafia cd2 using a Yamaha CDRW8424S.
Thanks in advance for any help

You haven’t read the FAQ nor done a search! :stuck_out_tongue:

The [title is protected by SafeDisc - the ‘slow’ read is part of the protection doing its thing. There are devices like Toshiba DVD-ROMs, Lite-Ons and ASUS devices that can skip the errors in under 20 seconds and read the CD in under 4 minutes. If your device appears to be slow then use the [url=]Daemon Tools fastdump](]Raven Shield[/url) feature.

I deleted the second post on this thread because Alcohol 120% is not the answer; in fact it reads errors like SafeDisc and ProtectCD and Ring PROTECH worse than most apps.

Check out the capability of your burner here. Try the default profiles first. But your burner should be a two-sheep rated unit and will defeat SD2 with ease. Please read the FAQ (links in my signature) before proceeding further :wink: Just when you thought it was easy…

thanks for the solution, FutureProof… at last I’ve only a question: execute the game whit my backup cd mounted implies daemon safedisc emulation enabled? otherwise ravenshield.exe return me an error… (an istruction point to a memory loaction that is not set to read mode, or something of similar:p )

The backup must not be played from a burner unless you use a Hide CD-R Media feature such as that found in the CloneCD Tray Icon. It’s fine from a DVD/CD-ROM without a Hide feature enabled.

Depending on the read, you may or may not have to enable emulation if the game is played from the image mounted in D-Tools