Rather be "Soaking up the sun" and listening to tunes on the beach

Hello – I’m new to the forum and joined because it’s a great way to share and learn…

I’m trying to accomplish something we did in the “old days” … making cassette tapes with our favorite tunes, only now using CD’s. I’d like your help and ideas on how to do it simply!!!

Recently I bought and installed Sony CRX185E1 and finally got it installed on my home 366i2/400ix Intel Cleron processor machine, along with the B’s Recorder GOLD s/w that came with it. (I set the original CD ROM (forgot what it is) to 'slave").

Anyway, having trouble with the recorder software… it’s a pain and time consuming to use!

What software do you recommend? I thought the process is to copy audio CD to hard drive, then burn the CD’s, right? Ideally, I’d like to be able to copy entire CD’s (not all my collection!), with the software ‘smart enough’ to automatically insert album, title, genre, etc., then select tracks and order to burn them.

I’ve been referred to MusicMatch and CloneCD as alternatives…

I’d prefer to spend my evenings with family (rather than in front of the PC… that’s a reason why I don’t own a digital camera).

Thank you!

Many others will, for sure, have lots to add on this (Since I’m a proud Newbie from Muskogee, thank you)…

I mostly use Audiograbber (free and includes the penguin powerfull icon :wink: ) to transform to mp3 with ID1-2 tags to edit, than Easy CD Creator (came free with my computer) Nero is nice too. Creates (audio) .cda (for car and other cd players… but some cars have mp3 CD readers now, nice lots of tunes to put in there) and lots of other stuff too.

But that’s rather common and is used to make simple stuff.
My way doesn’t have to be yours…

I can’t help you with magnetic analog data transfer, filtering and conditioning since I’ve never really tried it. Must be lots of fun to do thought.

Also, you definitely have to try some already existing threads, forums.
Don’t forget to play by the rules :cop: and that there’s always a CDFreak brethren to help, somewhere, in the world…

Forum and threads related to audio: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f57/

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Enjoy to the fullest… Knowledge is Powerfully fun. :iagree:

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