Rather anoyying sync problem

I have a DVD movie here in XviD format with PCM audio. When I try and convert it to DVD the audio goes out of sync, only by .5 seconds at first and then gets progessively worse to 4 - 5 seconds. It’s very anoyying to watch. If I leave it in XviD it’s fine though. When trying to rip the audio out using BeSweet I get an error saying sync found after 10xx bytes every time and then when I try and put it back together it’s out of sync. I have tried using Besweet, VirtualDub and RiverPast Audio Converter to try and rip the audio out properely, but it always comes out incorrect. How do I go about fixing this so it’s in sync all the way though and doesn’t get progressively worse?

Then just use the original source. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to put it on DVD, but this happens so DVD is unwatchable. I would like to know how to correct it so I can convert it with no problems.

Is the audio really in pcm format? Would be not logic with the trouble you mentioned.

Is would think the audio stream is VBR mp2 or mp3.

Well according to DVD Santa it is in PCM format. When I open it in Virtual DUB if it’s a VBR it will tell me and I know, but this doesn’t it just opens with no message.

What message? lol

It shows me a message, anyway it doesn’t matter it’s not VBR so any other ideas?

No, buy and use the ORIGINAL.