Rate My Soon to be Computer: Custom!

i use the ELCU on every LS disc I’ve burned. still not impresed.

i admit i haven’t seen the LS discs with the newer coating (i bought a 30 spindle a few months ago and have yet to go through them all so no need to buy new ones recently for me)

I think you’re right about neither being a long term thing.

my sharpie is my best friend.

What is wrong with the graphics card? nVIDIA manufactured it and I am paying $140, which is reasonably cheap for a good graphics card. BTW, I hear that ATI is falling off.

I’m a nvidia fan but really you should look at what games you play and then take
a closer look at what card will work better for you.

I’m really not going to play many games on it…Maybe Counter-Strike…But nothing crazy where I would want to spend an extra $100 on it

Then the 7600GT should be fine and that’s a good price for it.

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Nothing wrong with your choice. I just prefer ATI. Plus a couple of my programs run better with ATI.

Is a sound card worth investing in If I am only going to use sound for music/movies etc…

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Personally I’d leave the sound card till later. You may decide that your happy with the onboard sound. If you go for a sound card, this may suit your needs. You can go cheaper, but then the difference isn’t earth shattering. Of course you can pay a lot more.

Abit’s website doesn’t seem to confirm this board will support the new Conroe CPU’s, OneStepAhead? With Core 2 Duo’s hitting the shops right now, this is an expensive board if it leaves you without this upgrade option.

What is a Conroe? My processor is Pentium D Intel and is supported by this ABIT Board?

I don’t quite understand what you’re saying

It’s a new processor that has a better bus speed if you get the right one you can have over a gig of bus speed. Which is behind considering the AMD’s have had these for quite awhile now,

Conroe DUO 2 is the one that is coming out July 23 and all the processors are supposed to drop in prices on this release too.

Don’t worry, your PentiumD is supported, but these are special times in CPU-land. As we speak, Intel is launching a completely new line of processors (the desktop-variety’s codename is Conroe and they will be sold under the “Core 2 Duo” moniker). Not only do they have a higher performance than Pentiums, but more importantly they use a lot less power. And they aren’t particularly expensive (which has forced AMD to drop their prices by 50% or so last week).

In summary, if you don’t want to spend $200 on a Core 2 Duo yet, I would either get a cheaper mobo for the PentiumD or an expensive one that supports the new chips and will allow you to upgrade in 1-2 year’s time.

So what do you all recommend that I do? These Core 2 Duo’s will mostly likely be expensive right? Or will they be $200 Like you said? And are they on the market as of today cause if they are $200, I think I will invest in it.

And by the way. If I got the Core 2 Duo, would I need a better motherboard, and If i stick with the Pentium D, should i get a cheaper motherboard

THANKS for everybody’s help!!

If I stuck with the Pentium D, which I think I might…Should I just get this motherboard

Which is much cheaper than my original pick:

There really doesn’t look like there is much difference, and also. IF there is a nVIDIA chipset on the motherboard, do i need a video card?

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Take a look at http://www.tomshardware.com . They have lots of hardware analysis.

They are supposed to be on the market now but not sure. I’ll see if I can find anything.

Yes starting at around 200 then as the more speed ect…you want so does the price but it’s supposed to not be too expensive but from what I’ve heard it’s a very good investment.

A quick comment - if you plan on OC’ing, don’t expect much (more than 5%) out of Patriot RAM. My experience with their DDR was terrible…


Is it my failing eyesight or does this Abit MB only have one PCI slot-eh?

I think your eyesight is OK the Abit MB dose only have 1 PCI slot -eh! I would never buy a MB with only 1 PCI slot