Rate my scan SH-S203B

Hello, first time poster and semi-newbie here. I just got my new sh-s203b yesterday and did a few burns on some TYG02 at 8x after upgrading to the rc03 firmware. Unfortunately I don’t have another drive to test scans with and I’ve never messed with windows registry before so the best I could do at the moment is scan with the sh-s203b and Kprobe2 at 4x. Can someone help me cheat a little and tell me if this seems right? I expected better. Then again I guess I don’t know what to expect since this isn’t the program people seem to scan with often and the drive isn’t one used to scan much either. Should I be worried?

PI max= 27 Average=7.66 Total=128147
PIF max=2 Average=0.03 Total=508

i wouldnt worry that seems ok to me. :slight_smile: but would like to see the whole picture. :slight_smile:

which version of cd-speed are you wanting to use?

oh and do the scans at 4x or 8x. good luck

edit// please use ner0’s save png button and post a pic for us to view. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for that. Nero cddvdspeed is what I have(nero 7 ultra edition). I’ll get it going at some point, I just haven’t done anything registry related before and I’m afraid I’ll ruin something. Probably just paranoid. Just for fun I ran a Kprobe2 test on one of the last discs I burned with my BenQ DW1640 and it wasn’t even close to being as good as the new ones I did with the samsung. Also TYG02 burned at 8x.

Errors : 0
PI Max : 102
PI Average : 35.19
PI Total : 590382
PIF Max : 4
PIF Average : 0.28
PIF Total : 4768

Then again it was on the brink of death so it’s a wonder the disc even works.

EDIT: Just did a scan of an older burn I made with my DW1640 when it was still healthy, also with TYG02 burned at 8x

Errors : 0
PI Max : 46
PI Average : 10.91
PI Total : 175760
PIF Max : 4
PIF Average : 0.07
PIF Total : 1049

Much better but still can’t touch the Samsung. I guess I made a solid purchase with this sh-s203b!


since you have a Benq, you can easily compare the scans of both drives (with the same disc of course).
My own 203B scans very similar to my Benq DW 1650 btw.


I upgraded to sb04 firmware and burned with nero at 12x to see what would happen. Got me a 95 quality score this time. Not sure what did it this time but I’ll take it!

Where are my manners? Thanks for the assistance!

Got another 95 score burned at 8x with dvddecrypter. Woohoo! I guess it’s the firmware.

Have you looked into ImgBurn, Dvd Decrypter’s updated burn engine?


Yeah I just downloaded it thank you.

Sorry for the unnecessary post but I need to say that this thing is really good at ripping bad discs. I have a few cd’s that I could never get onto my hard drive with my Benq dw1640 without errors. Now I have rock solid rips of both! The only thing that concerns me a bit is the slow rip speed of dual layers. The review showed 12x dl rip speed I believe but I haven’t seen it go over 8.1x or so. Whatever, still does the job very well.