***rate My Computer Please***



alright, this is my computer


i hope u guys like it. if u do, great!! go rate it. if u don’t, too bad, rate it anyway. thanks in advance for everyone who rates it.

btw, u guys need to make an account which is really easy (email and password)



And another interesting thread for those who have nothing to do :stuck_out_tongue:


yup, just like u. sorrrry for everyone who cant restrain themselves from posting useless s***. instead of wasting ur time posting ****, u might as well just rate it. i’m merely asking for a favour.


sorrrry for everyone who cant restrain themselves from posting useless s***

Why not try taking your own advice next time :slight_smile:


Your first post is a fine example of useless $h1T… Who cares anyway?


That computer is very simular two the one i just finished building, the only difference is that I have only one barracuda HDD and 1 gig of ram, But I did put In an ATI 9800 AIW video card. I can also tell you It didn’t cost me even close to that amout to build. Not even half


remember that it’s in canadian $


Right you want it to be a high performance pc then i can think of 3 things that need changing

  1. Change the proccessor to a AMD athlon 64 fx55 (much better)
  2. The graphics card could be upgraded to a faster and more powerful graphics card ( i mean that is a very cheap graphics card for a high spec machine.
  3. Who’s ever uses the floppy drive


What’s it with pimpers and their quest for attention?

This assembly is the best you can get for that money. In the future, you can pop in another 6600 for ultimate performance. Power will be no issue with the 550 W ANTEC power supply. With two gigs of RAM, you’ll be burning through everything that comes in your way. Enjoy!!! RATE FOR THIS AWESOME PIECE OF AWESOMNESS!!!

So, you wanted everyone’s opinion? Here’s mine, don’t like it, don’t read it:

We start at a 100 points (A+) :

1: Don’t use capitals… ever again… seriously… don’t do it… -50 points

2: Don’t use media marketing hypes such as “you’ll be burning through everything that comes in your way”. Burning? With ram? What the hell? - 20 points

3: Stop hyping brand names and writing them in capitals. - 10 points

4: “Awesome piece of awesomeness” ? Err what? - 15 points

5: Nice price : 20 points

-------------------------------------------- +

25 points. (D-)


what’s with all the canadians trying to win a free PC and posting there garbage builds on CDF? this is like the 3rd person soliciting ratings…

not to mention the fact you have to fuckin register :rolleyes:


No Athlon 64 FX55, an old DVD-burner, irritating caps, 2 gig for burning :confused: , no 6800GT/Ultra PCI, no Raptor, onboard sound for ultimate gamers :confused: … you don’t want my rating.


thats the point i was trying to make in the other thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=124963, they just want your votes not an honest opinion. they probably have every friend in the world setting up accounts so they can get good votes, plus telling them to give one star to some other builds. can you imagine the number of new accounts they have!!! :eek: i was not even going to participate, even though i have an account at ncix already. some of the systems are just amazing (pci graphics cards with agp boards :stuck_out_tongue: ), but i think i will just to see the reactions. :smiley:


i dont really care wat u going to rate it.


about time this thread got closed then


Hey, i’m not even Canadian but i had a go for the heck of it (posted in that “other” thread); to come up with a better build than everyone else. :wink:


Why don’t you build your computer yourself? You will learn a lot more this way. :rolleyes: :tard: :Z


If that was aimed at me, i do build my own pcs (see sig), but i can’t afford top of the line stuff so that was my dream machine…that i can never afford!