ratDVD --> unknown file?

I downloaded a ratDVD file and wanted to convert it into DVD files. But for some reason, after waiting 6 hr of my life, it turns out that I only got a single UNKNOWN file converted. This unknown file can be played through WM10 and Nero Showtime, but the problem is, how can I burn it? It doesn’t seem to be an ISO file because ISO programs and Nero Recode did not recognize the unknown file. Someone please help?!

I had the same problem. I solved it changing the name of the file. An example: i wanted to convert million.dollar.baby in ratdvd to dvd and after i converted i got million.dollar.ba and i didn’t know how to burn a .ba file but it isn’t a .ba file it’s just “baby” but for some reason ratdvd has a bug with big name files so i converted the file again and named the file just million and started the conversion an he created the video_ts folder and then it’s just burn with nero.
I hope this help because i searched everywhere and this works with me…