ratDVD to DVD

I am new to this forum, but have a lot of experience with video editing. I recently downloaded a .ratDVD file, until that time I had never heard of ratDVD. After a google search I went to afterdawn and learned all I needed to know to get started.
I have looked over this forum, and the one at afterdawn, and could not find what I was looking for.
I downloaded a 830 mb ratDVD file, it played in Windows Media Player 10, with no audio. From what I have seen in the forums this is common. I then converted it to DVD, 2.8 gb file size. The process took almost 5 hours, I have a 1.8 duron with 512 mb ram, while not the fastest system it usually manages to do a decent job. This seemed like an extensive amount of time for the decoding process. I can do an avi to DVD with DVDsanta in about 2 hours, I can do a 2 pass with TMPEGnc DVD Source Creator in that amount of time.
I digress, my question is that I have a DVD movie that looks like it was squashed, all the characters look about 4 foot tall, 200 lbs. Is there a way to change this or are you stuck with what ratDVD puts out?
I will say, for an 800 mb file, the quality was very good, other than the compressed look, it looks like they took a 16:9 file and changed it to 4:3, but rather than cutting off the ends, it compressed the middle to fit.
With a little bit of work this looks like a really great program to prepare video files for upload.
Anybody with any expreience converting .ratDVD to DVD I would appreciate your input on any tricks and techniques that work.