RatDVD the best encode mode ! (and decompress)



I have had RatDVD on my pc for a while now but have never got round to using it. Having to need some hard drive space, and out of dvd’s atm. I thought why not look at RatDVD.

So i encoded the same movie both on same pc (not same time). I’ve done this 6 times as folows.

A dvdlab made one song video dvd.

Results for constant qulity vs constant average bitrate in RatDVD. Testing was done in both modes using the slider setting at highest (far right).

For every test i ran a whole files (main movie and song video) through a bit rate tester. So that i could see both bitrate and picture quality along the whole vob video duration. Also compare two at one on the screen at once, always against original source dvd (same vob).

The difference was easy to see, all RatDVD (decompressed) back to a normal dvd structure. These vobs are all down for bitrate and picture quality. The best mode for keeping bitrate and picture quality of video is constant average bitrate. All had better rates than constant quality.

Why then does the author of RatDVD say on both the sites (.de and .ca) that constant quality is the best. Could the default settings for the encode engine be wrongly set ?
The codec settings location = click DVD>RatDVD : Codec

No way getting a 1:1 dvd back, we all know that. As convert lossy>lossy=more lossy. But i will say this with constant average bitrate it’s not bad at all, better than xvid’ing or x264’ing or other and still reatin what chosen. Very happy to see the gop stucture is good for RatDVD>DVD.

Encode takes forever on a dual core, not to much faster even on a friends quad core. Then maybe there exists a more optimised xeb encoder, links please…

The let down is, it takes years to decompress a RatDVD > DVD. It’s only a Zip compressed (PK) archive. Took hours for a dvd5 on all pc’s i have tried on, far worse for dvd9. Has anyone found a way to decompress them back to dvd structure ifo, bup, vob, etc, faster than RatDVD can ?


As an addition, nothing since i have done to the pc, installing etc. Infact it’s been dormant, off, no power. Yet the same test dvd now won’t process through RatDVD. It loads and process then quits with an error at the end, and no file is outputted. In file recovery mode the file is seen. Should use xp with trashcan, but having always to delete it i do forget.

How then is RatDVD reliable if it errors out like this. The disc in question has no protections or regions set, all open. Is why it was ok on first set of testing. While writing this it also has quit on second test pc, same again no installs and has been dormant.

Looking at RatDVD program folder i’m wondering if some of those filters can be used in graphedit. To decompress or even compress faster than RatDVD gui itself can. Maybe even be made to make the process more reliable, even have real time console output or similar, see where there is error and maybe make better, ideas ?

Until figured, RatDVD is unreliable software for backup.


no longer being maintained by its creator, with the latest version dating from 2005

The author has stated that he will release ratDVD as open source some time in the future, probably under the BSD license[2], but currently its closed-source nature has sparked some discussion[by whom?] about [U]possible license infringements[/U] related to the use of code released under GPL, such as libdvdnav. ratDVD has an option to not install both of the GPL modules it is shipped with, however playback of ratDVD files does not work in that case. Critics have also complained about ratDVD not being a standardized format.

it is not directly supported in popular Windows DVD players, instead requiring people to use the ratDVD program or Windows Media Player to play ratDVD files. More recently, many users have reported being unable to open their ratDVD files at all in versions of Windows later than X


Yes all thati have read recently. Though yet to date nothing better has surpassed RatDVD for abilty to do whole disk menues and all. While losing very watching detail, or for when uncompressing back is near exact (not far off) using [constant average bitrate] only.

DId have a small issue recently with some discs, turned out to be dvd shrink problem. I have read that dvd shrink from first relases and even now is crap. It modifies the dvd structures and makes them all non standard. This can easily be seen with any tool that can work at dvd coding level to tell you how bad they are. Was able to fix some but not all discs i had. Lesson learned steer clear of any discs that have been processed through dvd shrink, whether shrunk or not.

Using a graph edit tool it’s easy to see how Windows Media Player filters are for RatDVD. So easier to implement into favourite player used, if has filter control ability. Didn’t i read also that something like FFDshow has or will have RatDVD playabilty. To decode and navigate RatDVD discs, mentioned as many players now having abilty to use FFDshow.

I do test the discs for correctness with WMP but that’s it, play back with other players from then on.

I’m only Rat converting any discs that are not dvd5. Mainly tv episodes, and not music.

Conversion for those done so far are 7gb+ down to 3.5gb or less. Two times tested since and diffrent bitrate viewers and two mpeg editors say the same. The bitrate is marginaly less and loss off a few PQ. Now that is very good going for any encode|decode software. Shame there’s no dvd player that can play these discs yet, though i think reason why is the 2gb dvd player limit for data files. Which is how a dvd player would see RatDVD files (as data files).

There are other similar softwares that try to do similar. But none yet, even after all those years, has been unable to do what RatDVD can do.



Okay, this thread is full of misleading information so I think for the benefit of other users it’s time to clarify.

Sorry to disagree but IMO RatDVD is terrible software and it’s not going to improve as it’s been unsupported for a long time.

There are plenty of freeware solutions that do a better job in all regards and I can’t see anything to recommend it.

Furthermore DVDShrink is still good software.

It only ever has issues with recent discs containing non-compliant files and for those with appropriate knowledge that can be easily circumvented.

I’ve no problem with users commenting on any software but it’s clear there’s a lack of interest in this program (as no one has commented other than to correct your information) so please stop continually trying to recommend this software on the basis of dubious information.

Personally I’d avoid it like the plague.



Wombler I missed your post, now it is much later, and all I will say is.

Forget any and all backup software as you don’t need it or soon will not need it. All you need is the disc image. And of course software to make the image etc.

Backup your images on to bdxl discs. That is once the writers become cheap and all manufactures are making them. Atm they are taking time to do so, sure could happen at some point in time. Or something better happens while waiting for bdxl, and all manufactures so far lose out, actualy hope this happens more, serves them right been greedy for far to long.



That’s basically what the backup software is for, to rip the disc and convert or compress if necessary.

As long as there’s protection (which doesn’t look like disappearing any time soon) you’ll always need backup software to be able to rip the disc.



Agree no use when protection remain.

Talking of movie backup end end this thread, ratdvd and all other movie compressor software. Forget about them as not need now are bigger optical discs.

Did I compress many movies ! No I just give solution at the time how ratdvd could be use to be the best with settings. Even though it was a pain with the time it took to compress even more to uncompress. The multi core cpu now do away waiting as long. Still need to backup dvd5, dvd9 or bluray rip and copy image to bigger bdxl optical discs. Then have back of your disc library and can then access to write them back to disc as needed when an original disc has failed to play.