Ratdvd stoped at 2% and 19%

:confused: Hello, i had a problem, whit 2 DVD, firts dvd was “Are we there yet?” ratdvd stoped on 19%, and de secon dvd, was “Hitch” ratdvd stoped on 2%, anyone know wath is the problem?

Those dvd was riped before with DVDdecrypter and DVDshrink, so don’t have any protection code, also, when i try to close de ratdvd program, a error happen, and say somthing about XEBEncoder.exe… please help me!!

i had to run the program 3 times before i got it to convert all the way through, stopping at 3% and then 19% the first 2 times. 3rd time it converted the entire movie!

i had used a shrunk dvd (Outland) i had run dvdshrink on as it was region 1 and i live in a region 2 area so needed a backup standalones here would play