RatDVD plays only in RatDVD software



Hi, I’m having a lot of problem with ratdvd.

I can view the ratdvd file with the ratdvdsowtware but there are’nt flow controls like FastForward, volume ecc…

I tried with a lot of multimedia player (bsplayer, wmp10, wmpclassic, zoom media player), but none of these works.

I’ve read a lot of thread from this forum, I’ve tried to change settings on ac3filters, but I can’t see neither ear nothing.

What’s the problem?
The file is ok, cause I can see it in the software, then I’ve also the necessary codec to make it work…
What I can do?



I’ve the same Problem. Ar there any solution until now?


Don’t use ac3filters.

When I unintall this soft, rats work ok.