ratDVD Player !?

ratDVD really kicks ass!!! :bow: (DivX 6 sucks ^^ :Z )

But i wish there were a player which can play ratDVD files perfectly and shows the right lenght of the movie… MediaPlayer just freezes when i’m rightclicking twice for setting subtitles on or off again…

This 1 is reported to work…:

http://www.glop.org/moopeg/ :slight_smile:

Yes, I already tried it… works a bit better than the MediaPlayer… but it hasn’t even got a seekbar! ^^… However it seems there’s a new version of Moopeg coming out soon!

i’ve just made my first conversion and getting it running was hell afterwards.

tried : Videolan, Media Player Classic, QT, Jetaudio, PowerDVD and had to settle on WMP10

even then getting it to play on tvout was a pain in the butt, had to open in WMP10, drag to tv, get it stuck halfway between windows for a bit, then when in tv screen i had to close, then reopen the conversion to get WMP10 playing straight off in the tv screen, then the movie wouldn’t play before i grabbed the progress bar and moved it forwards a bit

immediately noticing the playtime report issue

Yss, as a new format it plays only in Players that use proper DirectShow rendering. See http://www.ratdvd.dk/play.htm for a list of supported players.