ratDVD or DVDShrink?

Well, I had just started using ratDVD, and after reading about the “dark” images/unsatisfactory quality, and really long conversion times… I have to ask, why not just use DVDShrink?

There are great things about ratDVD, don’t get me wrong, but DVDShrink seems a more viable option. Let me know what you think…

Don’t compare.

ratDVD is better than DIVX or XVID.

DVDShrink is for 4,37GB disk.


A little late, but I came to this section in search of why this piece of crap app always crashes at different points of the conversion.

So please define better. RatDVD IMO sucks. It’s bug ridden; an obscure format that takes a VERY LONG time to decompress/transcode. I couldn’t say ‘how long’ because it always crashes.

With good support and in the early broadband days, this program may have had it’s place, but now we’ll never know.

That being said, anyone using it to share content should be chastised.

BTW, my pc locked up while writing this msg. Indeed, it’s ironic as I was giving this app it’s 20th shot.

Recycle bin!