Ratdvd on XBOX



First of all, great program and big up to the coders that made this concept possible in such a convenient format.

But what I want to see is RatDVD playing on my XBMC/XBMP… hell just playing in the original .ratdvd format on my XboX :slight_smile:

Please make it happen! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Best Regards


Apologies, I realise now that there is a feature request thread.


this isn’t really a feature that the ratDVD creators can implement for you anyway. it’d be up to the creators of XBMC.




…and they can’t add it without source code for the decoder and playback-code, (no, Xbox don’t support DirectShow) :sad:


that was my question… i tested ratdvd once and think its a very good thing, i love it! but when i cant watch them on my xbmc it is not useful me… i hope they can work together (xbmc-team and ratdvd-team) to implement it for the box!



XBox runs a 700Mhz chip. RatDVD needs somewhere on the order of a gig and a half just to run, last time I checked. This is never going to happen for you, man!