RatDVD Incompatable w/ Mpeg Layer2 Audio?



After two successful conversions of Movie DVD’s into RatDVD files, I finally tried converting a DVD produced by a set top player. The resulting RatDVD file has no sound.

I tried again on another computer but got the same result. No matter which player I try, no sound, although the other RatDVD files (the movies) play fine.

My set top recorder records audio as Mpeg Layer2 rather than AC3 stereo.

When I open the file in RatDVD it shows there is audio, but it says “unspecified” as the format. Anyone know if RatDVD in incompatable with Mpeg audio? Anyone tried it?


One week and no replies. This backs up my comment in my other post.

Oh well. I see the new release doesn’t address this threads topic.



you should read this



Yes, thats true. Doesn’t change the fact that only RatDVD has had a problem with audio from my ILO recorder (so far).

When I get home I’ll double check the audio track with Mpeg Video Wizard, but I’m sure it’s Mpeg audio.


Hi, I have a similar problem :iagree: with audio MPEG-1 L-2.


Just came here to say the same thing, bummer, no sound on MPG2 audio, even though every DVD player I have ever used plays MPG2 audio fine on DVDs.