ratDVD help please

Hey guys

How do i play ratDVD format videos? I have to convert to dvd first or i can play them directly somehow ?

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It is just that it is important,So can you help please ?

Some people say you can play it directly some say you have to convert to dvd first

So what is corect?

Read the referenced thread shown above and get back if there’s something you don’t understand…Importance is relative.

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Yea i already read the thread even before you gave m … As i said

Some people say you can play it directly some say you have to convert to dvd first

Try both and do what works then easy as that. Problem solved.

Ratdvd files will play on a PC with the latest version of RATDVD installed in either Windows Media Player, or Media Player classic.

To play them on a standalone DVD player you will need to unrat them back to a full DVD & then burn it.

Does that answer your questions?

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In Windows media player the video freezes…

Reinstall Windows media player 9 :slight_smile:
Reinstall RatDVD.

Reinstall your video card drivers :slight_smile:

Uncompress it to DVD & check whether it’s an issue with the ratdvd container, or whether it’s one of the above issues :wink:

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So i can’t play it directly with WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER?

Damn i have a movie of 4.5GB ratDVD format.It will take months if i convert to dvd.

Any sugestions how to repair windows media player freezing.I tried reinstalling but did not help.

Well just make a new copy from the original and try different settings for the bit rate etc and see if that inproves playability.

Yes you can … install ratDVD & it will automatically decode it on the fly for WMP.

Converting it from RatDVD back to DVD will take less than the time it takes to play the movie. Most of the hard work has already been done converting it from Mpeg2 to Mpeg4 :iagree:
Converting back should be relatively quick. Shouldn’t take more than about 4 hrs. If you can play it (in realtime) it shouldn’t take long.
You just need 9GB of HD space :iagree: