.ratdvd file playback

I have converted only the menus from a DVD .I HAVE THE LATEST VERSION OF RATDVD .a *.ratdvd file is created.
i tried to open it in ratdvd program but i could not see any video…

Later I downloaded almost all the players listed in the homepage… but in vain
not even one player could show me the video of the menus.

EVEN WM 10 opened it and gave amessage like “error dowloading codec” and played audio only

I read all information given in homepage but could not understand the problem Iam not a programmer so i could not understand the code section…
Should I install any new codecs or any appz plz help me …

advance thanks :bow: :bow: :bow:

same for me

forgot to mention that I am really excited about it…

Ok, I am having the same problem as well but on 2/3 of my computers. One of them plays the files fine. So lets put our heads together and find out the cause of this problem. Firat anyone with this problem please download and install GSPOT. Open and then go to view>installed codecs>video


This will give you a list of installed video codecs.

The missing codecs on the machine that does not work are as follows:

Mpeg2Dec Filter Gabest Mpeg2DecFilter.ax
Leadtek Video/SP Decoder Leadtek Research Inc. WFVDC.ax

The following are on the machine that does not work but are not on the working machine:

Nero Digital AVC Video Enc Nero AG NeNDVid.ax
Nero Digital Video Encoder ** Codec not registered
XviD MPEG-4 Video Decoder xvid.ax
Nero Video Decoder Nero AG NeVideo.ax
Nero DVD Decoder Nero AG NeVideo.ax
Nogatech YUV Decoder Nogatech Ltd. qcap.dll --> nuvyuv.dll
Nogatech Decompressor Nogatech Ltd. qcap.dll --> NUVision.ax
XviD MPEG-4 Codec qcap.dll --> xvidvfw.dll
Nogatech YUV Decoder Nogatech Ltd. qcap.dll --> nuvyuv.dll

The leadtek one I can’t install becasue it is for a hardware tv card so I am not sure how to as the setup will not work. The other missing one I have not been able to find and copying a registering the file does not seem to work.

My next step will be to try and remove the list of codecs on the machine that does not work. ANy thoughts?