RatDVD -> DVD monochrome and sync issues



I have a ratDVD file which originated elsewhere. I converted it to DVD format. Viewed on a PC, the DVD is widescreen (roughly 1.85:1 and in color). Playing the DVD on a hardware player and viewing it on a TV, it is full screen and monochrome. In addition, I had to crank the Vertical Hold (glad the TV still has one) all the way to one extreme to get decent vertical sync. Does anyone have any ideas as to the various differences between viewing on a computer vs. TV. Thanks in advance!


My guess is that the DVD you are trying to watch is NTSC and you have a PAL TV, or the DVD is PAL and your TV is NTSC. Black-and-white and loss of vertical sync is the usual result in such cases. You can either get a dvd player which auto converts to your tv standard (common these days), or a TV which can display both, which is not uncommon in Europe.


I couldn’t verify the source of the ratDVD file, and did wonder whether PAL vs. NTSC would be the case. Thanks!